The Greenlight Pinellas Plan

The Greenlight Pinellas Plan includes transformational bus improvements and future passenger rail that will significantly enhance public transportation in Pinellas County. If the proposed 1% sales tax referendum passes in November 2014, PSTA would implement the Greenlight Pinellas Plan. The plan would be implemented over span of 30 years and includes:

  • new revenue scenarioElimination of PSTA’s nearly 3/4 mill property tax when the potential sales tax takes effect January 1, 2016
  • A 65% increase in overall bus service throughout Pinellas County
  • Bus Rapid Transit lines on most major Pinellas corridors.
  • Buses running to and from Tampa and the airport in the evenings and on weekends
  • Double the bus service in northern Pinellas County
  • Longer service hours to accommodate second shift workers and evening travelers
  • Future passenger rail from St. Petersburg to Clearwater via the Gateway/Carillon area

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Transformational Bus Improvements

The bus improvements would begin implementation immediately upon approval of the referendum, and include:

  • 65% more bus service than PSTA currently provides
  • Rapid Bus corridors connecting major employment and activity centers
  • Frequent service throughout the network that enables spontaneous use
    • Buses every 10 to 15 minutes along Core and Frequent routes
    • Buses every 30 to 60 minutes in the rest of the system to provide connections
    • Change from a hub system in which most transfers take place at a large bus stop/terminal, to a grid system in which most transfers take place at regular bus stops on the street
    • More community circulator services
    • Extended late evening and early morning hours
    • 80% more weekend service
    • Bus service to Tampa International Airport/Westshore/Downtown Tampa from North County/East Lake, Clearwater, mid-county, and St. Petersburg
    • More express services to and from Tampa
    • North County Park and Ride lots

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Future Passenger Rail

Upon approval of the referendum, the rail portion of the plan would enter the next phase of planning which includes federally mandated environmental studies, line engineering, and land acquisition along the planned corridor. With the additional planning, plus the actual construction time, we expect the rail line to be built and operational within approximately 10 years. The commuter rail line includes:

  • 24 miles of rail from downtown St. Petersburg through the Gateway/Carillon area to downtown Clearwater
  • 16 stations
  • 57 minutes travelĀ  time

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Transit Supportive Land Use Concepts

As the rail line is built, growth patterns – specifically population and employment – will change near the rail stations. PSTA has been working with the Pinellas County MPO and the Pinellas Planning Council to begin helping the affected cities make changes to their land use codes to accommodate this anticipated growth. The result will be bike and pedestrian friendly areas with a mix of development that could include restaurants, retail shopping, and homes around the stations.

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