• 65% More Bus Service

    This is just one of the many benefits in the Greenlight Pinellas Plan. Other planned improvements include 80% more weekend service, rapid bus corridors connecting major employment and activity centers, express bus service to Tampa International Airport/Westshore and downtown Tampa from North County, Clearwater, Mid-County, and St. Petersburg!

  • Transportation is the Answer

    Pinellas County is expected to grow by more than 200,000 people and 148,000 jobs in the next 25 years. This growth will put more pressure on the existing transportation system as most of the roadways cannot be easily expanded without major impacts to surrounding businesses and neighborhoods.

  • 1/3 of Total Pinellas Sales Tax Paid by Visitors

    PSTA Property Tax Will be Eliminated:
    $173K Median Family House = $90.

    2011 IRS Sales Tax Cost Estimate:
    Pinellas County Median Family = $104.

  • Designed by Pinellas County Residents

    A major transit investment is expected to encourage and concentrate economic and community growth around the rail stations and along rapid bus routes. During the Community Design charrettes, residents developed a vision for what station areas in their community could look like.

  • MYTH: Transit Doesn't Solve Traffic Congestion


    A balanced approach of roads and transit, especially rail transit, will allow commuters to avoid stop-and-go congestion and make travel time consistent for decades.

  • Seniors are Outliving their
    Ability to Drive Safely by an
    Average of 7 to 10 Years.

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Greenlight Pinellas is a comprehensive transportation plan for the future of Pinellas County.    Learn About the Plan      Ask a Question
Get Involved! PSTA offers informational presentations to community groups, civic organizations, and more. Request a presentation, ask a question or leave a comment.

Telephone Town Hall Meetings

PSTA has held a series of nine telephone town hall meetings so Pinellas residents could learn about the Greenlight Pinellas Plan.

October 3 at 10:00 a.m.

October 2 at 7:30 p.m.

More Recordings

  • As a built out community, it has become more and more difficult to add lanes or to build new roads. We must think about the future and providing public transit for all our citizens as we encourage economic growth. 

    Susan Latvala
    Pinellas County Commissioner

  • Transportation is the lifeblood of business. You've got to get your employees to and from work and anything you can do to speed that process along the roadways helps improve the business and economy.

    Mike Meidel
    Director, Pinellas County Economic Development

  • Transit is really the linchpin to economic success and improving the quality of life in any major metropolitan area.

    Michael Kalt
    Senior Vice President, Development & Business Affairs Tampa Bay Rays

View the Maps

Explore this series of maps to see the new transportation infrastructure.

Greenlight Pinellas
Roundtable Discussion

Join St. Petersburg Deputy Mayor Dr. Kanika Tomalin, Mayor Rick Kriseman, PSTA CEO Brad Miller, and Mayor Bob Buckhorn of Tampa...

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Did You Know...

Tinted bus windows save fuel and reduce the demand for air conditioning.

It's green and cool!

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Land Use Concepts

During a series of Community Design Charrettes, residents and business owners developed a vision for what station areas in their community could look like.

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